Model DC1 | Commercial

Sliding Cold-Storage Door

Sliding Cold-Storage Door manufactured with excellent quality materials, for storage of refrigerated or frozen products. Designed for commercial cold units, with a very detailed aesthetic and easy handling.


  • Insulation Sheet

    High density polyurethane foam, 45/50 kg/m³; Classification of reaction to fire Bs1d0.

  • Coating Sheet

    Lacquered metal sheet 0.6 mm thick on both sides.

  • Profile Sheet

    Framing sheet with anodized aluminum profile, stainlesstype with anti-corrosion treatment.

  • Sliding system

    Sliding guide made of anti-corrosion anodized aluminum.

Sliding Cold-Storage Door DC1 | Commercial
Sliding Cold-Storage Door DC1 | Commercial

Information and technical details


  • Marco y contramarco en aluminio extrusionado lacado blanco.
  • Tratamiento de alta resistencia.
  • Doble rotura de puente térmico.
  • Fijado con tornillería oculta y adaptable a diferentes espesores.
  • Perfil de aluminio reforzado, con alojamiento para resistencia antiescarcha (Baja Temperatura).
  • Resistencia de alto poder calorífico (temperaturas hasta -20°C)
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