Cold-storage doors

Cold-storage specialists

Puertas frigoríficas

Cold-storage specialists

Cold-storage doors

Cold-storage specialists

Production of cold-storage doors

We are specialists in the production of cold-storage doors.

Excellent quality sliding cold-storage doors, suitable for conservation and freezing units.

Excellent quality pivot cold-storage doors, suitable for conservation and freezing units.

Division/interior doors

Swinging doors in lacquered steel plate in one or two sheets, with back and forth hinges for separation of rooms.

Puertas Rapidas Frigorificas

Fast doors for transited spaces that need to be insulated thermally or hygienically.

Loading docks, ideal to make a connection between transport and warehouses that need to keep the cold.

Industrial PVC slatted curtains provide an economical solution for places requiring insulation.

Why Doorfrig?


We shorten delivery times with an express service of between 2 and 3 days production timeplus shipping.


We offer the market´s most competitive prices, while always looking for the best possible final quality.

After-sales service

We send the doors pre-assembled and have an after-sales service to make sure the buyer’s experience with us is always easy.


  • While Doorfrig may be a young company, it has the experience of 30 years in the industrial refrigeration sector.

Doorfrig cold-storage doors

We manufacture the entire range of cold-storage doors, allowing usto offer efficient solutions for different freezing and conservation requirements.

Doorfrig provides its services to different sectors, among which refrigeration installers and distributorsstand out, always with the philosophy of providing the best quality at the most competitive price, and with an after-sales service that offers peace of mind to the professionals who have put their trust in us.

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