About Us

Doorfrig as a Manufacturer of Cold-storageDoors, aims to facilitate commercial management for different sectors or collaborators, with an emphasis geared towards our refrigeration installers and distributors.

We seek to excel in our quality, our personalized service and our speed, with a differentiated value proposition, positioning ourselves at a national level and having an international reach.

We offer more for less. Better technical guarantees, with high-energy performance and lower consumption.

Doorfrig boasts a complete and professional production of Cold-Storage Doors. Different configurations of its door-fitting system allow for the easy adaptation of the door to any conservation or freezing cold-storage. A perfect fusion between quality and performance, which, through the best materials and design, offers the most effective solution to maintain cold temperatures.

Why us?


Express service of 2-3 days of production plus delivery time.


The most competitive prices in relation to the final quality of the product.


We make the client’s life easy.


We have the backing of more than 30 years experience in the industrial refrigeration sector.