Sectors in which Doorfrig works

Throughoutthe 30 years that we have been involved in the cold sector, Doorfrig has completed jobs for different sectors of the industry. Jobs which today form part of our identity, our history, and which represent the entirety of the Spanish geography.


Sectors in which Doorfrig works

Our doors are designed to isolate completely refrigerated areas from external areas and to be able to complete their function day after day even with respect to the most extreme transit scenarios, with products such as meat, where a malfunction would have immediate negative consequences.


Sectors in which Doorfrig works

Needs for fish conservationbeing similar to those of the meat industry, our Technical Department studies each case in a personalized manner to always offer the best solutions in terms of functionality, dimensions or requested products.


Sectors in which Doorfrig works

The tightness of our cold-storage doors has a crucial importance with respect to companies in the dairy industry, since dairy is a very perishable product, in which maintaining the cold chain is essential to protecting the health and integrity of the product.


Chemical industries,pharmacies, or other laboratories employing specific formulas at a certain ambient temperature are also some of our customers, for whom, our cold-storage doors are adapted perfectly according to the needs of each client.


Sectors in which Doorfrig works

The achievement of a final product in its best possible conditions tends to come as a result of the process used for collection, transport and handling in the Fruit and Vegetable Warehouses, and later the shipment to distribution centers.

Our doors are designed to maintain the cold chain and obtain a perfect product for sale and consumption.